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Formerly the California Conference of Mason Contractor Associations, Inc. (CCMCA), the Mason Contractors Association of California, Inc. (MCAC) was incorporated in California as a non-profit corporation on April 1, 1963. Ryan M. O'Brien, who operated as a mason contractor from 1948 till 1962 and very active in the Mason Contractors Exchange of Southern California, Inc. proposed in 1960 that the Association establish an Executive Council of the Exchange and invite the other surrounding mason contractor associations to join in the establishment of this Executive Council. Local associations in the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Ventura County became members of the Executive Council and Ryan M. O'Brien served as its first Chairman.

This organization gave the mason contractors a much greater voice in labor negotiations representing almost all the signatory mason contractors in Southern California. The idea of establishing a single organization to represent Southern California prompted the idea that expanding statewide would provide even greater benefits. Ryan M. O'Brien agreed to stop contracting for three to six months and visit the other mason contractor associations in California and encourage them to join this new statewide organization. O'Brien flew his Cessna 195 to the meetings of these associations and obtained their signature on the Articles of Incorporation of the CCMCA.

The Masonry Contractors' Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties was the first to join with the Los Angeles group to establish a statewide organization. They were followed by the Mason & Builders Association of California, Inc. in San Francisco, the Associate Mason Contractors of Santa Clara and San Benito Counties, and the Masonry Association of Sacramento, Inc. These four along with the six local chapters of the Executive Council of Southern California became the Charter Members of the CCMCA, Inc.

CCMCA changed its name to the Mason Contractors Association of California, Inc. (MCAC) in 2011.

The Masonry Contractors' Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties (aka MCA San Diego) is governed by a written set of bylaws. This document can be viewed in PDF format by clicking on the link below.

MCA San Diego Bylaws (PDF)

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Why Use Masonry?

The Top 10 Reasons to Build with Masonry...
Christopher Huckabee, AIA,
CEO, Huckabee & Associates
1.    It's cost effective, beginning with the first day and over the life of the building.
2.    One-third of building costs are spent on Day 1; two-thirds are spent maintaining the building. Masonry can substantially reduce maintenance over that lifetime.
3.    It's easy to maintain, and requires no paint or harsh chemicals when properly designed for interior use.
4.    It's safe from fire, tornado, and hurricane issues, to mold and other indoor air quality problems. Masonry is the solution.
5.    It can be cleaned when it gets wet - no demolition required.
6.    It's durable-try to kick a hole in a masonry wall. Try the same thing with wallboard.
7.    It's environmentally friendly. When you use masonry, you don't spend your annual maintenance dollars on reconstruction costs.
8.    It's beautiful-nothing looks like a masonry building.
9.    It's flexible, adaptable and appropriate for most design solutions.
10.  It's the best, most proven, wall system on the market today.
All quotes from Masonry Magazine August 2006 Edition

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